Welcome to Swaray! We are committed to providing accessible websites to all of our users, and working with vendors who provide accessible resources. In partnership with the American Council of the Blind, we have conformed access to our site to be WCAG 2.1 AA-compliant. While we ask third party developers to build tools and provide content using accessibility principles, Swaray has no control over third party developers’ tools or content.

Usability tips

We welcome Content Creators and Users with disabilities to use our site, and we suggest the following usability tips:

  • To navigate with a keyboard, use “tab” and “shift + tab” to move forward and backward. Outlines and other visual indicators will track the position on the page.

Third Party Content, Functionality, and Apps

Swaray encourages developers to follow best practices in designing and building apps that are accessible, and which adhere to the Guidelines. We sometimes link to other sites and provide features built by third party developers. These parties are not vendors to Swaray, and are not paid by us for their content. We ask third party developers to create tools and content with accessibility in mind. However, we have no control over the accessibility of the content, features, or apps third parties may build using our API, and we are not responsible for their providing inaccessible tools or content.

Contact us

If you have accessibility-related concerns or questions, please email us at accessibility@swaraylabs.com with the subject “Disabled Access” in the subject line, so we can provide you with a reasonable accommodation. If you have information you would like to modify, delete, or transport, please contact us at privacy@swaraylabs.com and alert us to your need for accessibility so we may provide you reasonable accommodation for your privacy request.